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Frequently Asked Questions

We're booked in to visit Whitehaven Beach, what should we bring?

How exciting!

All you’ll need to bring along will be your usual beach clothing, something comfortable but sun safe, a pair of sunnies (Sunglasses), and if you plan to go swimming, your swim suit and a towel.

Oh, and don’t forget the camera, and make sure it’s all charged up

As part of our Whitehaven Rest & Relax Packages, we will provide you with water, beverages and snacks on the day.

We've booked our tour, what next?

We can’t wait to show you around!

Depending on how you’ve booked, we’ll reach out to you, usually via email, to confirm dates, arrange pick up times, pick up locations, etc.

Someone in our group is a bit overweight, will that be a problem?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons we do have a weight limit of 130kg (286lb), as we need to be able make sure the helicopter is within it’s weight load limit, to ensure we meet balance limitations and can plan fuel load accordingly.

Do we have to meet you somewhere, or what's the deal?

We can pick you up!

Airlie Beach Helicopters offers free courtesy shuttle pickups and drop offs in our air conditioned Mini-Bus. We will meet you at the reception area of your hotel. If we are picking you up elsewhere, such as the Marina/Port, we’ll arrange a meeting point with you prior to the trip.

If you’d prefer, you can also meet us at the main terminal of Whitsunday Airport

Airlie Beach Helicopters Courtesy Bus

Someone in our group suffers from sea/air sickness, will they be ok in a helicopter?

The thrill of flying in a helicopter, taking in the beauty of The Whitsundays, is something we encourage everyone to experience.

If you are worried someone in your group might get air sick, we recommend having an air sick tablet before the tour, as described on the packaging. Some medication can work as soon as 30 minutes, while some can take up to 6 hours to take effect.

Compared to planes and boats, helicopters are much smoother, and less than 10% of passengers will ever experience air sickness.

There's a few of us in our group, how many passengers can you take?

We can only take up 3 passengers at a time.

In the case of larger groups, we can certainly arrange for multiple flights so no-one misses out.

Do we have to share our flight with anyone else?

For our Rest & Relax package bookings, we ensure that it will only be your group (of 2 or 3 passengers) on the flight.

For our non-stop scenic tours, the 3rd seat will be left available for single passenger bookings.

I'm a solo traveler, can I still book a tour?

Whether you’re a solo traveler, or just can’t convince the Mrs. (or hubby) to go with you, we can still usually find a way to get you up in the air.

While we do require a minimum of 2 passengers for a flight to go ahead, in some cases we can fit you in with other travelers.

If we can’t make it work on a particular day, we may be able to offer you a different date or tour

If you’re pretty set on a particular date and tour, you can also pay for a second seat to secure your booking.

If you’ve already paid, but we are unable to find a seat for you, we will of course refund you in full.

We have a baby, do we need to pay for an extra seat?

Great news!

Ages 0-2 fly free, however you will need to carry them on your lap.

The weather isn't looking great, what'll happen to our tour?

For safety reasons, if the weather is particularly poor, we may be required to cancel the trip. If this happens, we can either try and arrange for a different date, or we can offer you a full refund.

Something's come up, are we able to cancel our tour?

Oh no, sorry to hear.

Our Cancellation Policy offers full refunds, as long as you provide us with 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled flight.

Anything less than 48 hours notice is not eligible for a refund.

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